Aquatic Accidents: Expert witness consulting by Ph.D. Scientists

Expert witness consulting by Ph.D. Scientists

Expert witness


by Ph.D. Scientists

The Aquatic Accidents group provides expert investigation of accidents involving all water bodies, especially beaches.  Waves and currents and their interactions are very complicated processes, and a Ph.D. in science is necessary to fully understand and reconstruct accidents in oceans and rivers.  An Ed.D. degree (Doctor of Education) prepares consultants to teach or become education administrators but offers little to no scientific education or training.   

Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, Ph.D. in Coastal Environmental Science, has 25 years of expert witness and consulting experience involving many types of aquatic accidents.  He has published 20 books and hundreds of scientific articles and technical reports.   

Dr. Stephen B. Leatherman, Ph.D. in Geosciences, conducted the first scientific field studies of rip currents on the U. S. Atlantic coast with emphasis on South Florida.  He has published six refereed journal articles in scholarly journals including the Journal of Coastal Research and Shore & Beach.  He is a wakeboarder and professional drone pilot and has earned certifications in lifeguarding, water safety instructor, first aid, CPR, NAUI Scuba diving, and boat operation. Stephen B. Leatherman has worked on beach accident cases in Florida, New Jersey, and Costa Rica.

Debora A. Leatherman, M.A. in Human Resource Management, has over 10 years of lifeguard/swim instructor experience and 15 years of experience in pool management. She is a current gold medalist in the Pan American Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships.

The Aquatic Accidents group uses state-of-the-industry methods and equipment to uncover facts and applicable factors in aquatic accidents. We provide professional drone video, digital maps with GPS coordinates, historical data set analysis and more. These high-tech methodologies in combination with our education, training and experience give us the expertise to determine casual elements, recommend corrective action and implement safety training programs to improve beach safety and minimize litigation exposure.